Trillion’s Expert Team

  • Letty Brunet

    President/ Real Estate Broker Lic. 1474

    Letty has over 40 years experience in the real estate market. Her passion has always been selling, even from an early age. It was her grandmother who, as her mentor, first told her about real estate because she owned many properties in Old San Juan, as well as agricultural farms and coffee plantations. That is how Letty learned that “real estate was man’s best friend”. Letty’s first real estate company was called LBG. It was dedicated exclusively to the sales and marketing and high end real estate in Puerto Rico.

  • Ani Gonzalez

    Real Estate Broker Lic-4551

    Ani began her professional real estate career by joining her mother’s business as a summer intern some 20 years ago immediately after graduating from Wellesley College with a BA in Art History and Italian language. She immediately became fascinated by the marketing and selling of what was then the most renowned high-end, beachfront condominium building in San Juan, Candina Reef. Successfully selling this landmark building made this mother and daughter team the “go to specialists” for luxury real estate in Puerto Rico.

  • Molly Assad

    Real Estate Broker Lic. C-5358

    Molly Byrne Assad was originally born in upstate New York. Her father went on vacation to the Caribbean and decided that he was home. He began in real estate and later became a developer. Molly spent her childhood sitting by the phone waiting for "the call" and her teens in her father's real estate office. She says she got her real estate skills from her dad and her kindness from her mother. She is passionate about real estate and helping you achieve your real estate goals.

  • Javier Sanchez

    Real Estate Broker Lic. C-16701

    Javier Sanchez has always had a natural ability to incorporate business and friendship. It is a true skill that few can attain. Most of his buyers and investors are repeat clients. He believes in teamwork. Javier has the ability to streamline the real estate transaction and make it feel easy ,even for the first time home buyer. Everybody loves Javier!

  • Lourdes Perez

    Real Estate Broker

    Lourdes Pérez has a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico and also a Real Estate Brokers License. Her ability as a trained professional on both fields is a great asset to Trillion Realty Group.

  • Zydnia Delgado

    Real Estate Broker Lic. C-18265

    Zydnia Delgado has spent her early years on retail management. She has worked on the highly competitive Communications Corporate World as upper management in renown global companies. All her lively attitude, leadership, perseverance, passion and caring for customer loyalty has brought her to the Real Estate Market in one of the hottest Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico.

    “Every great business is built on a great relationship” - Zydnia Delgado